Surgery Instructions

Depending on surgical guidelines, you may need to get labs done at the St. Mary’s Hospital or at your lab of choice within 4 weeks of surgery.

To make an appointment at the St. Mary’s lab, callĀ (415) 750-4900.

You will need to have a history and physical exam performed either at our office or by your primary care doctor no more than 30 days prior to surgery. If you want your primary care doctor to perform this, please let the office know so we can provide you with a form for your doctor.

The person who schedules your surgery will obtain prior authorization from your insurance if needed.

No food or drink after midnight the night before your surgery, unless you need to take a pill that is pre-approved by the doctor. You may drink just enough water to take the pill.

You will need to check into the 3rd floor of the St. Mary’s Hospital at 450 Stanyan Street 2 hours prior to your scheduled surgery time. Follow the signs to pre-surgery.

The hospital will not let you leave alone after being under anesthesia, so make sure you have someone to pick you up once you are ready to go home.

Please contact Michelle Smith, the patient financial advisor, for any questions you may have regarding the Anesthesiologist or hospital charges atĀ (415) 750-4941.