Bunion Management


Why do people often laugh when you mention the word bunion?


Usually it is because the word sounds funny or because it conjures up an image of your grandmother. But as anyone who has suffered with bunions can attest, the pain associated with this common foot problem and/or the difficulty of wearing normal conventional shoe gear is no laughing matter – it can be extreme and often interferes with the quality of daily life.

Now, patients with bunion problems can turn to The Parnassus Heights Podiatry Group for bunion evaluation and management.

Because there is no specific clinic that specializes in the evaluation, prevention and treatment for this condition, we have created a specialized portion of our practice for patients who would like to obtain a detailed examination of their bunion deformity, a second opinion regarding possible treatment, as well as to assist other doctors who would like to send their patient somewhere for another opinion regarding this condition.

To learn more about the different treatment options that are available to you, please visit our treatments page.